1. Service description

The role of Matimela Unit is to collect, impound, dispose and takes care of stray livestock within the entire Sub District, as per Matimela Act Cap 36.06 of 1968.


2. Service standards

  • Registration: As soon as matimela are received

  • Notification: Within 14 days after receiving matimela in kraals.

  • Brand marking: 30 days after receiving matimela.

  • Auction sale: After 6 months

  • Attending to reports: Within 30 days


3. Where Service Is Carried Out

Collection of matimela livestock is carried out in villages, lands and cattle posts.


4. Lodging of complaint

  • AMO - PMO - ACS - SACS


5. Recovering /claiming Matimela

Documents required in claiming of matimela are valid brand certificate, Omang, and a letter from the rightful owner of the animal (s) if you are not the rightful owner.


6. Reporting of matimela

Any person, who finds matimela, knowing them to be matimela, shall report the presence of such animals to the nearest Matimela Office, Chief or Headman within 30 days.


7. Payment for the service


Cattle: P2.50 per head per day

Other animals: P1.50 per head per day


8. Number of kraals and their catchment areas

Tutume sub District has four Matimela kraals, namely Matsitama, Malelejwe, Marulamantsi and Xhadi.

Matsitama covers areas like Maitengwe and sourounding villages, Tutume, Nshakashogwe, Sebina, Marobela, Marapong, Mathangwane, Makobo, Mosetse, Dukwi,Lepashe, Kutamogoree and cattle posts.

Malelejwe covers areas like Njuutshaa, Semowane, Tshwaane and surrounding cattle posts.

Marulamantsi covers areas like Nata, Maposa, Manxotae, Dzoroga, and cattle posts

Xhadi covers areas like Gweta, Tsokatshaa, Thabatshukudu and surrounding cattle posts.