1. Service description

  • To eradicate Poverty in jobless people in order to better livelihoods

  • To improve the surrounding such as cleaning, constructing buildings

  • Maintenance of buildings of government facilities


  • Ipelegeng guideline of 1960

  • Sustenance allowance guideline of 2012


2. Where do you get the service

  • Ipelegeng office

  • VDC office at respective villages


3.Who qualifies for the service and what are the requirements for the service and for obtaining the service (sustenance)

  • For an Ipelegeng worker qualification an individual needs to be 18 years and above as well as possess an Omang

  • For sustenance supplier, one has to be a Motswana aged between 18 and 65, not hired anywhere

  1. How much do you pay for the service

  • Ipelegeng is free