1. Service Description

Commercial Affairs office exists to facilitate trade within the Tutume Sub District Council. Commercial Affairs is a unit under the department of Finance & Development Planning.


The Commercial office issue licences to all prospective applicants who had applied for such. The office achieves this through collaboration with other stakeholders such Physical Planning who checks conformity to plot zoning, Environmental Health who are responsible for physical inspection of the trading premises. The office also works with Bye Law Enforcement officers who checks compliance to trade statutes and other relevant regulations on day to day basis.


2. The Commercial office issues Trade, Liquor, Manufacturing licences, Small & Micro Enterprises exempted from licensing requirements (Registration Certificates), Street vendors and Hawkers.


3.  How do I apply for the service

We endeavor to provide the above licences daily for registration certificates, a week for all Trade licences and monthly for all Liquor licences. Our office covers Shashe west constituency covering villages such Mathangwane, Makobo, Jamataka, Marapong, Semitwe, Kutamogoree, Mafungo/Hubona, Sebina, Marobela, Nshakashogwe and Matsitama, Nkange constituency covering all villages under the constituency and Nata/Gweta areas covering all villages and settlements under this constituency.


4. Commercial Affairs Service standards

a. Issuance of Trade Licence 5 days

b. Renewal of Trade Licence 1 day

c. Issuance of Vendor Licence 1 day

d. Issuance of Hawkers Licence 1 day

e. Renewal of Vendors and Hawkers Licence 1 day


5.What are the requirements for obtaining the service

The process of licensing entails but not limited to the following process:

  • The process start with submission of Land Board and Lease Agreement for confirmation of plot zoning for the type of licence the applicant intends applying for.

  • Booking for inspections for Fire and Environmental Health

  • Submission of the reports after inspection together with other documents such as Certificate of incorporation, Share certificates, and annual return reminder letters for newly registered companies, and or latest form of annual returns for existing companies, business names for companies and/or individuals who have registered names, certified copies of Omang for citizen directors/applicants and certified copies of passport for non-citizen directors.

  • Preparation of documents to Licensing Committee or Liquor Control Authority for assessment and decision making by these committees

  • After the decision is made the applicant is informed of the decision of the committees

  • The applicant will then pay the license fees (which is determined by the type of the license being applied for)

  • Preparation of the license and signing by the licensing officer (Senior Assistant Council Secretary)

  • Collection of the license by the applicant


6.How much do you pay for the service?

Trade license application fee =P100.00

Trade licenses range from P200- P2500

Hawkers and Street vendor licenses=P20.00

Liquor License application:

Bar Liquor application=P100.00

Liquor Depot application=P50.00

Bar Liquor license=P1000.00

Liquor Depot license=P 200.00, Renewal=P100.00


7. Where do I acquire the service

The office is able to attend and prepare for the weekly licensing committee meetings as well as issue registration certificates for prospective applicants as well as prepare for the monthly Liquor Control Authority meetings. It has to be noted that the office is able to convene all the meetings without fail when there are applications to consider.