1. Service description

Bye – Law division (Law Enforcement) is a division within Councils that is recognized and established by Local Government Act of 2011.

Its mandate is to enforce all Council Bye – Laws and other legislations delegated to councils for enforcement and administration. The division is also mandated to supervise and administer Private Security engaged to man Council Facilities.

Services that can be obtained from this Division are:

  • Issuance of Noise and nuisance permit

  • Advertisement permission particularly banners and entertainments advertisements

  • Attending reports that concerns all Council Bye- Laws and take action accordingly

  • Attending Reports that concerns legislatures delegated to councils for enforcement and administration

  • To carry out periodic business inspection and monitor their level of compliance.

  • To have and hold kgotla meetings in the District to disseminate information and educate the public on bye – laws and other statutes

Permits issued in this division are obtained after the applicant submitted his or her application and must be considered and given response within 24hours.


  1. How do I apply or acquire the service

The client visits the Bye Law office in Tutume Rural Administration Centre


  1. The said permits are:

  • Noise & Nuisance P50.00

  • Adverts P50.00

In terms of livestock control Bye – laws livestock reported and found roaming the village are impounded and the owner given a fine not exceeding P2 000.00 for allowing livestock to roam the village. If not collected within a day, livestock are impounded and farmers must pay as follow:

  • Cow, Cattle, Donkey and Maul: P30.00 per day per head

  • Goat, Sheep, Pig: P20.00 per day per head

  • Poultry including any domestic bird: P10.00 per day per head

It is worth noting that if livestock is not collected within seven days, they are handed over to the nearest matimela Kraal and registered as letimela.