Tutume Sub District Council is a sub district found in Central district Council in the northern area, it is 50km away from the Zimbabwe border and 100km away from Francistown city in Botswana. The sub district comprises of 31 villages and is cuurently led by 29 Honourable Councillors. The people living in Tutume are of various tribes including Bakalaka, Basarwa and other tribes. The population currently stands at 13 000 and a majority of this populace speak the Kalanga language which varies from area to area and others speak Setswana and Sesarwa.
Tutume village is made up of the wards:
• Madikwe
• Selolwane
• Thini
• Magapatona
• Timbi
The main kgotla is located in Madikwe ward and the village was named after the Tutume river. This is Kalanga and in full, it goes like: "gwizi ngo tutuma," meaning that the river was overflowing.
Presently Tutume serves three constituencies namely Nkange, Nata Gweta and Shashe West. The vast sub district prides itself with 44 primary schools, 13 junior schools and 2 senior secondary schools. The people of Tutume like other Batswana are accustomed to ploughing and rearing domestic animals such as cattle, donkeys and goats, sheep are not so common. Elephants are found in some parts of the sub district and tend to be troublesome. Other wild animals found in the sub district include; zebras, hyenas, lions, ostriches and wildebeest to mention but a few. Lifestyles for people found in the sub district include grass harvesting and phane harvesting.

Rivers found in Tutume sub district include the Tutume and Nata rivers. The flora commonly found in the area include; the mophane tree which is famous for its phane worms harvest.

The most common mode of transport today includes a variety of vehicles though the old fashioned bicycle is still holding strong in the sub district. Other types include the donkey cart and horses in other areas such as Gweta and Nata villages.

Most common way of communication is through calling kgotla meetings in especially in remote areas while mobile phones are also common. The Botswana Telecommunications Nteletsa 2 caravans have also been installed and have since been useful due to the fact that people can access internet services.

Large villages found in the Sub District include; Nata, Gweta, Maitengwe, Mathangwane and Sebina just to mention a few